All wallpapers displayed on downloadchristianwallpapers.com have been collected from a wide range of resources, including but not limited to free websites, newsgroups and other sources and are believed to be in the ‘public domain’. If you are the rightful owner of any wallpaper posted here, and object to them being displayed – please contact us and it will be removed immediately. Kindly allow a minimum of 72 hours.

Contact Us with the image title and your cause for concern, whether it being your own wallpaper you’ve created and do not wish to share or may it be something you might find explicit, un-ethical, inappropriate etc. When we read your email we will assess it and we will delete the Wallpaper immediately.

For Copyright Holders : All the images in this site are collected from various resources available on internet through search engines like that and please consider the fact that we do not intentionally distributing your work. We always respect your work in creating those wonderful images. But due to the fact the images are submitted by our facebook fans we do not know which ones are copyrighted. We try to display credits & copyright information. We already requested our users to comply with our copyright policy.


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